• From Traditional to digital medium, Jimenez's works are produced  by the following process:
  • Traditional Rendering in Water Color, Gouache, Tempera, Pastel, Pen and Ink, Charcoal, and Colored Pencil.
  • Digital Rendering produced in 3D Studio Max, Sketch Up, Adobe Illustrator and AutoCad.
  • 3D Animation produced in 3D Studio Max and edited for Video Production using Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects.
  • Computer Aided Design Drawings produced in AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit.



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ANGELITO Altares JIMENEZ has been in the architecture profession for the past decades with his major concentration in planning, design and construction. As an inborn artist, his passion in architectural rendering and graphic design was a great essential for his design presentation. From Traditional or digital applications have been his medium in producing his Architectural Visualization and Graphic Design. He works in multiple style of traditional media, such as watercolour, tempera, gouache, acrylic, pen and ink, pastel or colored pencil. With the emerging digital technology, he produced a photo realistic 3D rendering presentation, 3D animation and CAD (computer aided design drawing) for architectural plan and design.

The proposed architectural and engineering building projects are visualized by means of transforming into perspective rendering and illustration, and 3d animation that provides an imaginary understanding of the details of its reality before the construction. Architectural Visualization is a great implement to present the building concept and a clear demonstration of the vision of the project; a great way for architects, land developers, real estate agents, engineers and building industries to promote their projects in convincing the client and market advertisement.


Major Projects Involved
Architecture Graphic Design

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